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    I have the theme Travel Master Pro and I want to add some new trips.
    In demo data the featured image is display (http://przyjaznemiejsca.pl/?itineraries=bardia), but when I create a new trip there is no image on the page (http://przyjaznemiejsca.pl/?itineraries=gospodarstwo-agroturystyczne-miedzy-zamkami)
    When I clone and edit some demo trip I have the same image that in the original trip even though the picture has been changed (http://przyjaznemiejsca.pl/?itineraries=miedzy-zamkami-gospodarstwo-agroturystyczne).

    Please help me.



    Regarding your query, make sure you have added the star to only one image as featured to display as the single page trip featured image as shown in the screenshot given below.


    If you have queries further, kindly let us know.



    Yes, I’m sure that I have only one star per trip.
    In this case: https://www.screenpresso.com/=acRzf look at the screen. I have the photo with some mountains for Permalink: http://przyjaznemiejsca.pl/?itineraries=millennium-times-square but on the front http://przyjaznemiejsca.pl/?itineraries=millennium-times-square I have the photo with lake.


    In this case: https://www.screenpresso.com/=lnOUd
    I have 3 photos and theese photos are in the trip gallery. But on the front site of this trip in featured image section I have the collage with 4 photos I have before.


    The only way that the featured image is working fine is disable the WP Travel Advanced Gallery, set one photo and give the star for this photo in the standard gallery and next turn the WP Travel Advanced Gallery ON and next give more photos.
    When the WP Travel Advanced Gallery is ON and I give the star for only one photo – there is no featured photo on trip page.



    Regarding your query, everything is working fine on our side and the trip single page looks the same as demo.

    The issue you mentioned might have raised due to the third-party plugin. So you can inspect which plugin has raised the issue by deactivating the plugins one by one. For that, you can install ‘Health Checkup’ plugin and activate plugins of WP Travel and verify the issue.

    If the issue still persists, you can provide us with your site login detail at wensolution[at]gmail.com



    I have only the plugins recommended:
    Contact Form 7
    One Click Demo Import
    WP Travel
    WP Travel Pro

    I can only deactivating the plugins beeing a part of WP Travel Pro

    WP Travel Gutenburg & Elementor blocks was installed after the problem appear.


    After deactivating all the plugins being a part of WP Travel Pro and One Click Demo Import the problem is still appears



    Please provide us with your site login detail at wensolution[at]gmail.com so that we can inspect further to your issues.



    I have one more question – can I delete this Archive text field: https://www.screenpresso.com/=qZjpf



    Regarding your query, you can add the below-given code in function.php file of child theme to remove the title of the archive page.

    add_filter('get_the_archive_title', function ($title) {
        return preg_replace('/^\w+: /', '', $title);

    Also, thank you for the login details. We will get back to you soon.



    Hi, did you find how to fix this problem with Featured image for trip?


    I have the problem with the trip section too: https://www.screenpresso.com/=VKTAb
    In CSS I have some 35 000px width and I can’t find it. I have some arrows too and the position looks no good.


    Regarding your query, you can add CSS following the path Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS to resolve the issue of the featured image.

    .header-gallery {
     display: none !important;
    #page-site-header {
     padding: 250px !important;
     max-height: 505px !important;;

    Also, regarding tabs issue in single trip page, you can add below given code in theme’s child theme > function.php file


    Hope this helps.

    If you have further queries, kindly let us know.



    After adding Child Theme by WP Child Theme Generator, it turned out that Child Theme does not have the options previously set in the parent theme. You wrote in the forum that it’s normal that you need to adjust Child Theme again or add code to the function.php file.
    Unfortunately, after adding the code nothing has changed. So I removed Child Theme and wanted to enable the original one, but now I don’t have the Customize option – it doesn’t load. There is a clean page all the time (https://www.screenpresso.com/=CNE2d)

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