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    Hi everyone,
    after i bought Flat Commerce Pro, i entered licence number in Czech language of the site and it got activated fine. But when i tried to activated it on the same website, but in english language, it just wouldn’t activate. I could understand if it was a different site, but first one is mydomain.cz/cs (Czech) and english version is on mydomain.cz/

    Am i doing something wrong, or it’s a policy a need to buy the same product twice to use it on one web, just in two languages? Or is there something else at stake, which i don’t see right now?

    Thank you


    Regarding license activation the license key is valid for single site only. You have just activated it in the first site mydomain.cz/cs and therefore same key won’t be valid for second site activation. If you want to obtain a license key for second site you need to repurchase the product.

    But still, you can use the same product in second site without purchase but only thing is that you won’t be getting “automatic update notifications” and have to do manual update for new versions.

    Hope this is all clear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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