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    Some queries regarding the front page

    1. slider.
    If I select a page, is it possible to have some text apart from the main title.
    Currently it shows the title of the text. Is it possible to add some sub-title or pick the first paragraph from that page?

    2. Search
    Can I have a title for the search bar

    3. Packages
    Currently, you can select content by type (page or trip)
    Is it possible to display featured trips?

    if not what is the difference between this and “About us” section

    Similarly with “destination”. All these do the same thing

    4. CTA
    Again this too just goes to a page.
    Is it possible to link the button to a form (by some plugin like mailchip or similar)

    5. Testimonials
    Here we need to create a testimonial page for each person that would be difficult as we would be having loads of comments. Is it possible to randomly pick 3 from the list and post here.
    If not can a short code for a testimonial plugin be used?

    6. Event
    Here too you need to specify the trips that show there. Which would need modification on a daily basis.
    Is there no was it could show up based on ttrip of date.
    Have an actual even calendar
    ability to use a shortcode for and event calendar plug-in

    7. Finally, is it possible to change the sequence of the sections?



    Please find the answer to your queries below :

    Query 1 : Slider
    Response : The customization to fetch the excerpt in the slider section requires changes in the core theme file and the functionality is not offered by the theme itself.

    If you still want the feature in your side, you can refer to our Hire our customizer service.

    Query 2 : Search
    Response : Adding title to the search bar also requires the changes in the core theme file and hence, you need to hire a professional developer for the change.

    Query 3 : Packages
    Response : Currently the Recommended Package section requires the users to select the trips from all the available trips. If you want the featured trips to display in this section, you need to select the featured trips in the section as well.

    However, fetching the featured trips in the packages section by default is no the feature offered by the theme and you need to hire professional developer for this.

    Query 4 : CTA
    Response : Currently there is no option to enter the custom link in the section. For this feature as well, core theme file modification is required.

    Query 5 : Testimonials
    Response : The theme as of now have the feature to select the pages for the testimonial and do not have the fields to enter the testimonial content direct in the customizer. To get the field to enter the testimonial content also requires changes in the core theme file.

    Query 6 : Event
    Response : This section as well allows to select the category and the respective trips are displayed in the frontend. Making it dynamic with respect to the trip date requires high level of code customization for which you can hire our professional developer.

    Query 7 : Finally, is it possible to change the sequence of the sections?
    Response : The feature of making the homepage sortable is available in the pro version of the theme. For the feature, you can upgrade to the pro version of the theme.

    Also, kindly refer to the given link for the detailed information about the existing feature of the free and pro version of the theme :

    Hope this clears your confusion.

    For any further query/confusion, feel free to reach back to us.



    I guess nothing is really possible without paying for customisation.

    I fail to understand what’s the use of marking featured trips if they can be used anywhere.

    Is it possible to display featured trips in the sidebar?


    Hello @maxbuzz,

    Yes, because the request that you have mentioned demands the core customization in the theme and which is not possible without hiring out a professional developer.

    Regarding the featured trip query, you can definitely display the featured trip in the sidebar. For this you can simply add the widget “WP Travel: Featured Trip” in your desired widget area. You can also display the featured trip through the use of shortcode in page/post.

    To know about this refer to below given link:


    Hope this clears the confusion.

    If you have any issues further, kindly let us know.

    Thank you.

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