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    Sueaki Takabatake

    Hi again.

    I am creating a bilingual site and I need to create exactly the same site in two languages.

    For this, I need to be able to have 2 home pages.

    I can set the home page in ‘Customize’ for one language.

    How is it possible to then have another page, in different language, acting as the home page (in other words, exactly the same layout as the set home page)?


    Sueaki Takabatake

    Apologies. I realise that this was a dumb question.

    Please consider this issue as closed.



    Hello Sueaki!

    I’m trying to do this exact same thing. One website with 2 languages. This is not a dumb question.

    What solution did you use?
    As far as I know I can only make one homepage.

    Help Please 🙂



    Regarding the query about displaying the site in multiple languages, yes definitely you can make your site multilingual and for this, we recommend using the WPML plugin. Using the WPML translation plugin, you will be able to display your site in multiple languages.

    It provides you with two separate customizers for two separate languages. That is why we recommend you to use the WPML translation plugin which will help you solve the issue you are facing.

    Hope this helps.

    If you have further queries, let us know.

    Thank you.

    Sueaki Takabatake

    Hi Cyborg42

    I used polylang to make my site bilingual.

    It took me a while to get my head around it but it works fine. And it’s free.

    Just make sure you always create both language versions as a pair. i.e. You create a page in one language and make sure you create the other language through the language selector.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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