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    I have set the Home page to a static page called “Home”. I have a Home page with content in it and it is referred to as “front page” in the list of pages.However, when I created a menu and added the Home page to it, the content does not display. It just shows the template with no content from both clicking on Home and clicking on the logo. How do I get it to display the content? The site is http://getnationwide.biz/newWP/ Thanks for your help.


    Hello @jjay

    As far as I have inspected your site I have seen that you have kept widget in Front Page Widget Area..
    So the solution here to show the content of the static page would be removing that particular widget that you have in Front Page Widget Area..
    So go to Admin Panel / Widgets. Here you will see Front Page Widget Area, now you need to keep that area empty to show the content of static page.
    However that Front Page Widget Area is for the users to built their front page with the help of available widgets only, so if there is any widgets in Front Page Widget Area the content of static page is not displayed.

    Hope this will make you clear.
    Feel free to post if you have any other confusion.

    Best Regards!!!


    Thank you! The content is showing now. I appreciate your prompt response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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