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    I am trying to work and have list of Destinations,under each destination I have different trip types. I am showing list of destinations on my home page, but I want the image for each destination to be different from the Trips I include within the destinations.

    Right now when I add Trips the latest added trip’s Gallery photo will be used as Destination image on home page, but I do not want that, I want to have Destination show a image which I include while creating a Destinations, please advice me how can I do that.?

    Also, can I show the Destination index page? Right now when I click on any destination it goes URL: mydomain.com/travel-locations/location but I want to link to main location page, i.e I have listed 6 destination on home pabe but I want to give link with button which says “View All Destination” when I do that it should go to mydomain.com/travel-locations/ and show all the destination? Is that possible?

    Do let me on these two issues.



    Hello @meraghu,

    Currently, there is no such feature of uploading the image for each destination (category). The image will come from the trips from that destination and to work as you want to require higher code customization.

    Also, currently you can only change the slug URL of the trip listing page but not of the destination. If you want then you can hire a professional developer.

    To hire a developer, please refer to below given link:


    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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