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    I cannot find where to change the order of the links in the header.
    Please advise.



    Hello @GX3000

    Consider that you are referring to social menu links in the header section.
    To change the order you can simply drag and drop the links from Admin Panel / Appearance / Menus.
    See the attachment here for more detail.

    Hope this will help to solve your issue.
    Report if any confusion.

    Best Regards!!!



    I am referring to the main page links.
    I have created three links in the top menu. HOME SERVICES CONTACT.

    I could see them in the Appearance / Menus but a could not add them to the panel on the right. There are no menus to select by default. Even the Social Menu is not in there to select. Do we have to create it ourselves?

    I created a menu and called it Main Navigation and then Primary Menu, Footer Menu etc appeared.
    You should add this detail in your support pages as there is no way to know this.
    We are testing the theme to see if it works for us so we can order the pro version.

    Any additional input will be appreciated.



    Hello @GX3000

    Yes you have to create the menus by yourself and its your choice which page to add to that menu or you can add custom links as well in that menu. Its kind of dynamic feature to create menu by yourself.
    After creating menu you need to add pages to that menu and manage its location.
    Refer here for more.

    You can create different menus for different location and assign respective menu in respective menu location.
    Hope this will help to resolve your issue.
    Feel free to post if any confusion.

    Best Regards!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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