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    Hi I have a question. How to increase the amount of text in the featured slider caption?

    I have noticed that the amount of text in the caption is too limited, it seems the texts i have written in the excerpt are cut shorter. Please advise me on how to increase amount of texts.

    – Select Slider Type: Featured Pages

    – Website: http://www.chinaprovisa.com

    Thank you very much

    Methee S.


    Hello pingbara,

    To increase the length of text in the caption area of featured slider, we need to make changes and customizations to the theme’s code files.

    Please consider Hiring a Customizer for your custom task.

    Hope you would understand.
    Best Regards.


    Hi Thank you very much for your reply

    I have tried to find the customizer but it seems I could not find the one to help me on this.

    I saw in the Education Hub Pro demo, it shows the very long beautiful caption text. So I thought I would get that too. But finally I cannot and now to text shows very short caption which is very strange when it comes to Thai language.

    Can you give me some hint on where can I try to edit it.
    I know a bit on how to edit the css, however I have very little knowledge on the php side.
    If it is related to php, please guide me. On Css side I think i can edit it later myself.


    Hello @pingbara

    As far as we have checked locally and tested with excerpt field it is working fine.
    The slider content word is as much as you put text on the excerpt field.
    Please try adding some more text in excerpt field.

    Hope this will help you.
    Let us know how it goes.



    Hi I have tried to put the long excerpt but the texts shown on the homepage slider caption content still not in full at all.

    On the slider shown in the hompage it seems to automatically be cut shorter and replace the cut part with “…….”

    For more understanding, I have attached the image as below

    Link for the actual full excerpt I have in the page which contains slider

    Link for the slider on the homepage which is shown to be cut shorter

    Thanks alot


    Hello @pingbara

    Since this is all working fine on our local machines we are unable to replicate your issue.
    So the he first thing you should do is disable all your plugins, clear your cache and re-load your site to check if everything is working how it should be.
    If it is, then now you can activate your plugins back 1 by 1 and as soon as it breaks you’ll know that last plugin was the one causing issues (make note of this plugin, deactivate then keep doing the same).
    Once you know the plugins causing the issues you can either search for another plugin that does the same functionality but is compatible
    If the issue still exists then please let us know we will further debug the issue.

    Hope this will help you.



    Hi i have deactivated one plugin by one until all the plugins are deactivated. Finally I still get the same result.

    I have some question. Normally the title of the caption is obtained from the page title that contains the featured image. The caption description will also automatically obtained from the first paragraph of that page.

    For me I want to have my own customized caption description so I use the plugin called “Excerpts for Pages” to insert my customized slider caption. Is this the right way to do?

    Anyway now I have deactivated all the plugin and even delete the “Excerpts for Pages” plugin. But the result still be the same. The caption description shown on the homepage slider still get cut short.

    Please advise me pleaseeee

    Methee S.


    Hello @pingbara,

    The variance in excerpt length for Thai vs English language could be because of Unicode difference. Therefore, you need to change the word count length directly from code in a file.

    Follow these steps :

    Note : Backup the file before you make the changes above. Editing code directly on parent theme is not recommended.

    1. Create a Child Theme. Or, you can simply download WP Child Theme Generator plugin to create a child theme easily.

    2. Open the file from /inc/hooks/slider.php.

    3. Copy the entire line of code from line no. 27 to line no. 256 and paste it on your child theme’s functions.php .

    4. Search the code below
    $slides[ $cnt ]['excerpt'] = education_hub_the_excerpt( apply_filters( 'education_hub_filter_slider_caption_length', 30 ), $post );
    and adjust the numeric value from default 30 to 60 or above upon your choice.

    5. Finally Save and see the changes in the caption .

    Hope this helps!



    So apologise for my late reply. Thank you very much for your recommendation. Now my problems are solved.

    Thank you very much !!

    Thank for the great support !!


    Nice to know that the problem has been solved.
    If there are any further query, then, please feel free to post them.
    We will really appreciate if you could help us too by rating our theme in WordPress repo here:-

    Thank you for the appreciation.
    Best regards.

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