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    Hi, I am using Header Layout 2 where in the slider images shows up in full width on the headera and logo placed above the header image which looks cool.

    However, in mobile view it gives a gap on top where it shows only logo in white background while it shows slider below that white row on the top which shows a big gap between logo row and slider. How do I remove that space and make the slider appear in full width just like in Desktop view when I select header 2 layout.

    Plaese check https://www.vkation.com/ and see how the header images slider looks and after that try to check in Mobile view and see, I dont want the that gap, guide me how do I do that.?




    I tried to figure out and it works when I set “#masthead” to position absolute, if I use the following custom css
    .header-layout-2 #masthead {
    it worked but when I use this the MobileMenu does not open up, no matter how many times I clickon Mobile Menu Gear Lines it does not open menu at all.

    Please help me this really looks odd in mobile view…



    Hello @meraghu,

    The layout of the theme is like that and to make it look as you want it requires higher custom CSS as we need to change the placement of the logo and also it could b solved by the CSS you have mentioned above.

    So if you want then you can hire our professional developer so that you would get what you exactly want,

    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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