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    Now that the theme (pro) is running, i want to customize to things. But i don’t find how to :

    1st. I want to replace the word “Search…” into the search widget button.
    which file must i modify ?

    2nd :
    Under personalisation > theme option > footer options > Power by text
    I want to replace the text, with RSS and tweeter icon
    How can i do that ?

    i tried to add widget (named social) into the footer section.
    But instead to add button into the footer, it add a new section on the footer.



    Hello @contactcfdtsi-com,

    Please find answer to your query below:

    Query #1:

    Response: To replace the search placeholder in the default search widget you have to activate the child theme.

    To know how to create and activate the child theme please refer to below-given link:


    After activating the child theme in your child’s theme functions.php add below given code.

    add_filter('get_search_form', 'my_search_form');
    function my_search_form($text) {
         $text = str_replace('placeholder="Search …', 'placeholder="text ', $text);
         return $text;

    Here change the “text” as per your requirement.

    Query #2:

    Response: As for your query, we are unable to replace the text, with RSS and tweeter icon. To display as per your requirement requires higher code customization which is beyond the support we offer for our product.

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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