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    I am a beginner in using wordpress and I have choosen your theme to start with. It seems clear and consistent when I look at the demo but I don’t manage to get it the same way on my own site.
    The biggest problem is that I would like three links to different pages, with an image, like you have one for About Univerity, one for Learning environment abd one for Research and Collaboration.

    I have set featured images to some of my pages and I fugure that I might need to create a special menu with these – but how do I make these three featured images appear below the slider?

    My second biggest problem is that the slider becones far too big, but I figure that I can handle that by rezising the images.

    Finally I want to applaud the present theme om this site. If it is possible my goal is to have a header that sticks to the top, with only the logo and a menue-icon (on mobile devices). I also like the colors and try to customize my page with css.


    Hello @Elisabeth

    but how do I make these three featured images appear below the slider?

    To make three featured images appear below the slider you need to go to Admin Panel / Appearance / Customize / Featured Content / Featured Content Type. Here you can Select Featured Pages which will be displayed below slider section as shown in below attachment.

    And for slider you need to upload image of recommended size to be as like in demo but if recommended size is big for you then you can upload image with smaller resolution as well to decrease the size.

    Now for sticky menu this option is not available in free version of this theme.
    However you will get this option of sticky primary menu easily on pro version of this theme.
    You will find other more additional feature on pro theme. You can check out here http://themepalace.com/downloads/education-hub-pro/

    Hope this will help you issue.
    Let me know how it goes.



    Thanks, you saved my day!
    But I think I will cone back with more questions…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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