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    I just purchased a license. I have a staging site that is a different domain than my live site through WPEngine.com. Right now since my theme isn’t live, I can transfer that license to the staging domain. I assume I can then transfer the license back to the live site when I’m ready to go live. What happens when I want to work on the site in my staging environment and have the theme live? Can I have both active, or would I need to buy a license for my staging site?


    @skipinator, in short the License Key is only valid per domain or website.

    So what you can do is to not implement the License key until you are developing your site in staging server.

    After you move it to live then you can implement it and activate the key. Your site will then be validate in our server to sync it with all future updates.

    If you need further info visit our FAQs section.

    Hope this make you all clear.


    I have this exact situation. Are you saying: Do NOT activate the license while building the website because it will not be able to be transferred to the live website?

    Can you activate the license while staging/developing it, then deactivate it when ready to launch LIVE (under the real website’s domain name), and then activate the license on the live website?


    Yes, definitely the second alternative of deactivating the license while in staging and later activate it on live website would work in this case.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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