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    I have bought the Pro version, but i want it install it for two different website. But i have the key but the would not activate by the second website?
    Why it that?


    Hello @femke98, you can install the theme in different Websites after you purchase it but the License Key is unique per theme that is valid for only one website.

    This means, you have to re-purchase your theme for other different website to acquire respective unique key for theme.

    For more details, check FAQs link


    Also Terms and Conditions


    Thank you.


    Ah, oké. I read: You can use Manual update for multiple websites.
    So the website with the key gets an update en i can manually update the other website. But how do i do that?
    Thanx for the answer.


    Manual update can be done through FTP.

    You can find more detail steps inside this documentation.


    Thank you.


    Thanx! I read:
    Updating Theme Using FTP

    To update Theme though FTP, follow these basic steps:

    Download the latest version of WEN Associate Pro from your Theme Palace member My-Account to your Desktop.
    Unzip wen-associate-pro.zip to your Desktop.
    Using an FTP client to access your host web server, go to /wp-content/themes/ and upload your new copy of WEN Associate Pro Theme which shall replace the old files.

    But i think that all my changes are disappear and that i must everything (colors etc.) doing all over again. Is that correct?

    Thank you for the answer.


    @femke98, sorry for the trouble.

    This sounds strange but the Pro theme was already tested and should be mapping your custom settings with the theme option values you had with your free theme.


    I think you understand me wrong.

    When i make changes on my second website with the Pro version, without activate, and there is an update for the Pro version……i must the update make with ftp.
    But is my question, are all my changes (color, theme options etc. etc.) gone and must i do this again, or are the changes still there.

    Hopefully this question is clear.
    Greetings femke98


    Well, we are trying to understand your concern and here is our next reply with an approach.

    In your second website, the options changes (color, theme options etc. etc.) does not go along with the FTP files you update.

    This means, you have to do it manually in your second website.

    Alternatively, there is one plugin that can help you export / import the options value from customizer of one site to another site within same theme.


    Note: This plugin is not well tested in regards to our theme but only recommended to facilitate you to automatically set the options in your second website.

    If you do not opt to try this plugin, you should re-setup the options manually from Customizer section.

    Hope this all clear for you as well.


    Thats what i meant, and what I thought so. Thats a shame, because this second website is completely different than the first website with activation.
    Helps this plugin ? I am scared off. But i will try, so I ‘m sure.

    Thanx for the answer!!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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