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    Would you consider making this theme child theme friendly. For example, the theme has lots of require statements, even in the functions.php file.

    I am wanting to use this theme as a parent to a child theme and in the child theme I am wanting to change the number of sliders on the front page from 3 to some higher number. With the require statements this can’t be done.

    Thanks for your consideration,



    It is not possible to increase the number of post to show in the slider because there is no way to override the customization code of the slider section.

    I recommend you to use a Pet Business Pro


    Yes, that is exactly what I am asking you to consider. For a theme to be child theme friendly, your functions should allow for override with an If function exists statement. That way when the child theme modifies a function your parent theme won’t try and load it again.

    Thanks for the consideration,


    PS I can make changes to the appropriate slider.php files in the pet-business theme to extend the number of sliders, but it would be better if that could be done in a child theme.


    In that case we can duplicate the slider section with the new function name and add a required customization code in the child theme

    for that you can check our newly released child theme Corpo Music


    So do I understand from your last post that you will modify the pet-business theme?




    Thanks for all your guidance. I have figured out a way to use the init action to replace the main customizer code in the parent, so that now the theme loads with the child theme customization vice the parent customization for the slider section only.

    Once again, thanks for the support.



    Hi everyone,
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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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