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    Nick Piper

    On mobile, my navigation menu has become so long that it takes up the entire screen when it’s expanded and you cannot scroll through the menu. How do I make it to where when the menu is expanded I can scroll through it on mobile?

    Here is my website: https://www.bpcc.edu/

    When you expand the menu it takes up the entire screen, preventing you from scrolling through the webpage. How do I make the menu itself scrollable so you can scroll through the entire menu so you can click something at the bottom of the menu for instance.

    How do I turn off the sticky menu for when it’s on mobile?


    Hello @npiper,

    Currently, the feature is not available in the theme and as much as we would love to help you with this, we are unable to do so as it requires higher code customization.

    So if you want then you can hire our professional developer.

    To hire a developer refer to below given link:


    Thank you.

    ima wanto

    Why is the answer from the admin we always asked to hire someone if you have to change the code in the theme


    Hello @im4w4nto,

    Its actually because we need to look through the code and need to make the code customization which will take time. Additionally, the changes that is to be made need to be watched out in every update so that the changes that are brought do not bring any problem in future.

    Since the customization is demanding, we refer to hire you the developer. Also, you can hire any other free lancer in your reach. It does not have to be our developer.

    Additional we are committed in helping and will be helping if the problem can be solved with little code tweaks.

    Hope this clears the confusion.

    Let us know if you have any queries further.

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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