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    Hello team,

    Some time ago I posted this on the WordPress.org support forum for the theme, but received no response (so I guess this is the proper place to ask).

    In the Customizer, one of the options for the Featured Slider prompts me to provide a custom “Read More” text.
    However, even though I enter a short text there and save the options, the text does not show anywhere on the slider.
    On a closer look, I’ve noticed that on each slide, just below the caption text, there’s a small area that is a clickable link, though there’s no visible indication that the link is there (it can be found because the pointer changes to a hand on rollover).
    It seems to me that the “Read More” custom text should appear there.

    I was about to upload some screen captures, but I’ve found that the “invisible link” is also present in your online demo of the theme, so it appears that the phenomenon isn’t unique to my WP installation.

    Could you please shed some light on this mystery?


    Hello @somniumlucidus,

    Can you please post your site URL so that can we inspect further and help you resolve the issue?

    Thank you.



    Sorry — I’m working for a client and I think I’m not allowed to post the link here.

    However, like I pointed out before, the behavior can be seen on the demo of the theme found in this very website. On the homepage slider, just between the phrase “Over 74,000 + free stock photos” and the search form.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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