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    is it possible to have to have a header picture that does not cover 2/3rds of the page?
    no matter how small the picture is, it always gets like 1/3rd on the front page until you scroll down.
    On the other pages (if I set it for all pages and posts) it’s only in the header section but just as the huge picture cut off. So is there a way to keep the header image only inside the header ?


    Hello, @PADRA72

    Could you please explain more in detail what you mean by “is it possible to have to have a header picture that does not cover 2/3rds of the page?”.

    Also, could you please share your site URL?



    My url is annabella.rocks

    I will try to explain
    At the moment I have a picture right below the header section. If now in customizing theme I add it to all pages it gets blown up to like 1/3rd of the page in the landing page and you have to scroll all the way down no matter how small I upload it
    Then on the following pages it gets like cropped so only the middle shows.
    So my question is it possible to have the picture in the size it’s currently on top of every page in the header.


    Hello, @PADRA72 Please add this CSS in the Additional CSS

    .elementor img {
    height: 555px;
    Go to Customizer >> Appearance >> Additional Css, paste the above CSS there, and published the site.
    Please adjust the height as per your requirement.

    Also, could you please send us the following page URL?




    Thnx I will try to implement that.
    Anyways my url as stated above is http://www.annabella.rocks


    So that sadly did not solve anything,

    I added the CSS an enabled the header on all pages but even if I set the css to 111px there’s no change.
    to make it better understandable I made screenshots of how it looks with the header and what I mean.
    the 1st is the landing page with enabeled header, just the huge header picture on it, then you have to start scrolling to get to the page (ab2.jpg), and opn any other pages the header is cropped like in the 3rd picture.
    I would like to have the header size like in the 3rd picture just with the whole image


    i’ve created a page where I uploaded the pictures


    Can you remove the previous CSS that I have given and use the below CSS instead.

    .home.transparent-header.header-style-two header + .site-content {
    padding-top: 0 !important;
    .home .site-content > .wrapper {
    padding: 0 !important;


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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