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    In this website http://www.msitsnp.in/ …..they have pagination working as well as buttons on headers …please tell how to do that….?? in my website http://www.speakwellspokenenglish.com/ i have nothing!!!


    Hello @abhishira,

    The feature that is in the site that you have provided as reference is added by external customization .

    The theme originally does not have such feature and as much as we would like to help you we are not able to as, the theme doesn’t support this customization and this is beyond the support offered for our products, which consists of bug fixing and theme documentation.

    Although it is possible for you to achieve your request on the theme with advanced code customization of the theme, it might effect other parts of the theme, like its design and at times its functionality.

    Our suggestion to you is to hire a professional developer for your customization, so that your theme will no be effected in any way.

    To hire a developer please follow the link below


    We hope it helps,

    Best Regards.

    Have a good day.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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