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    Hello @portrait-man,

    As we do not have access to your backends , the only option is the site URL from where we could examine the issue through the inspection. We can find the cause only after inspecting in the page in which there is issue and help you further.

    Also, to guide you to set up your site, we have the themes official documentation which you can refer while setting up your site .

    Documentation link :


    Further more if you have any confusion while setting up any section we are here to help you guys .

    Now to set up the Demo you have to set your Front Page display to Your Latest Post . To show the vertical image as in the demo create the post with vertical image with size (439*706) . Post with the vertical image should be at the second position in all post listing page i.e tha post should be created at second last .

    Screen shot :


    Hope this helps and hoping for the co-operation in the future as well .

    Best Regards!!


    I cannot follow your instructions at all and after 2 weeks have worked it out myself.

    Based on what I have found this is the easiest way to explain it I think:

    The middle image (post) needs to be a Vertical (portrait crop)image using the “Large” size in editing options. For me that size was 717×1024 – this can probably be customised.
    This middle image should be the second of your posts.

    Posts 1, 3. 4 and 5 starting at top left of home page go in a clockwise direction. Hence post #1 is above post #5 and post #2 is above post #4.
    These post’s images should all be landscape orientation with the “medium” option in the sizing editor. For me that was 300×200 – again this could probably be customised.

    The result of this can be seen here:
    Don’t worry about the back pages which I still have to work on and will no doubt take another 6 weeks!


    Hello @portrait-man,

    Nice to know that you have set your home page .

    If you require any assistance further then please feel free to post them.We are always here to help you with your issues.

    Thank you !!

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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