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    Hannah Walker

    So I have paid a developer on fiverr to solve my previous issue on the 4 boxes not being able to be hyperlinked. This has hopefully opened a whole new level of control for me. Or maybe not, because I can’t get things to work the way i thought they were designed. Now that these boxes are hyperlinked, I want the first one to go to a “Content Creation Services” blog page. Here I would make posts saying “Video Creation”, “Video Editing”, “Photography” etc.

    And if someone were to click on the “Video Creation” blog Page, it would show “Science Videos”, “Client Videos”, “How to Videos” blog posts.

    The last 3 boxes, have a similar setup.

    I can get the home page looking right, using the category “Posts”, but when I trying to make other categories, the blog pages don’t display the correct category I ask it to. It’s just two random blog posts with random categories. Am I mistaken that categories can be used to make different blogs?

    If this isn’t possible, what are the categories for? Just search? It still seems if you have a category called “Video Content”, ticking the Video Content Category would populate that page with all the posts that used the category “Video Content” Should I be using keywords instead? Should I be using the Pages instead of Posts in some way. I know I had to make a blog Page for the blog Posts to show up on the homepage.

    I have spent hours trying every number of combinations to get the categories to play nice with my posts. But I have run out of ideas.



    Can you please provide us with your site URL and specific screenshots so that we can be more clear.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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