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    Tena Festini


    I have three problems with buttons on my website. This one.

    1. When I go to blog, it lists five newest blogs, and it says “Older” at the bottom, but when I click on that, the Error 404 appears.
    Like this. I would like it to actually lead to older blog posts.

    2. In the blog section on the home page, there’s a link that says “klikni me za još postova” which leads to all the blog posts. That link doesn’t exist on mobile or tablet versions so the user cannot click to see all the blog posts. It would be great if this could work on all the versions, not just on the desktop one.

    3. There’s a section on the home page that says “Istraži me”. It is originally “Package” section, I just renamed it. I wanted it to show different blog categories (here meaning Muzeji and Povijest i arheologija). There’s a button under this that says “Vidi sve”. I would like it to lead to a category that is currently selected. Is this possible? I think I remember it used to do this, but now it only leads back to the homepage.

    Thank you!


    Regarding your first query, Can you please try changing the permalink setting? If this did not work can you can try by deactivating all the plugins expects for the recommended one

    Here is the screen record for changing the permalink setting

    Regarding your second query

    Please add this CSS in the Additional CSS

    #latest-posts .section-header .more-link {
        display: block;

    Regarding your third query currently, it is not possible to do that.No worries we will release the new update by fixing this. We will contact you in a couple of days about this matter

    Tena Festini

    Hi! Thank you very much for your answer!

    The CSS from the second query fixed my problem and thanks for the info for the third one. Please do let me know when the new update comes. 🙂

    Regarding my first question, I don’t really understand the answer. You wrote “Here is the screen record for changing the permalink setting “, but I cannot see a screen record. Did you maybe forget to include a link?

    Thanks! 🙂


    I’m really sorry I actually forgot to attached a link of screen record

    Please watch this screen record

    Tena Festini

    So… I deactivated all the plugins, went to the permalink settings, changed from “name” to “default”, saved. Changed again from “default” to “name”, saved again. Activated all of the plugins again. That fixed the problem. I have no idea how or why, but it did.

    Tena Festini

    Nope… That’s not what did it. Under “permalinks”, I wanted to do the slug of category under “optional” to be “blog”, but WordPress doesn’t allow it, apparently. When I changed it back to category, it worked.

    So it wasn’t about the theme, it was WordPress.

    Thank you for all of your help!!

    Tena Festini

    Thanks! I changed it to “simple” and it works well like that, but I don’t want it because it is bad for SEO. It doesn’t work with any other permalink option.

    I arranged it for now in a way that there’s another category named “blog” and I made the other ones subcategories. Meaning that everything works fine if I click on “older posts” in categories, it just doesn’t work on the main blog page.

    I would be really happy if this could be fixed in a way that I can just click on older blog posts in the main blog category and choose the slug that I want, not just the “simple” one.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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