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    I’m making a site for a colleague to my wife I have a little problem.

    Here is my concern is that I can not activate the license of my theme bought on theme palace, I have an activation key but I can not activate it, after several searches I think I found my concern, is that I am in local … and key activation does not work in local.

    So I have two quick questions.

    1) If I take a website hosting for the realization of my site I activate the key, I would have the possibility to change the name of the site once the site provided to the customer? or an activation key is made for a single site?

    2) Is my key final or do I have to pay a subscription? if yes, if I do not take it back, what will happen to my site ?

    Thank you in advance for your answers and excuse me in advance for my English, ( I am French ^^ )



    Please find the answers to your queries below:

    The license you obtain is a single site subscription. It can be connected to only one site at a time. If you have activated your license key more than one website (e.g. localhost or staging site) then you will see an Invalid License error. You cannot use the same license on your second website without deactivating it first on the previous setup.

    For your information, one license work for a single domain only. But if you want to use the license in some another domain then at first you need to send in the reset request in the email below as it is only valid for one domain and one website.


    After resetting the license from our side, you may use the license in another domain so please send in the reset request.

    To activate the license, you follow the instruction below.


    All of our premium themes come with the initial 1 year of Subscription i.e. you can download the updates till 1 year of purchase date. But after one year, you will need to renew your subscription in order to continue downloading updates.

    For the renewing process, you have to simply buy the theme and use the license that you get from the new purchase. But this subscription has nothing to do with the usages of the addons to your site. You can use it on your site as long as you want it without renewing your subscription. The only thing is you don’t get the latest update of the addons.

    Hope this clears the confusion.

    If you have further queries, let us know.

    Thank you.



    Thank you very much for your answer, that’s perfect, just when you say that I have to send an email with my request to reset my license it’s free or do I have to pay another license?

    Anyway thank you very much for your answer, good evening


    Oops I forgot a question I had to ask …sorry :/

    I can’t integrate content into my pages, this is because the theme is not activated ?
    you need to activate the theme to put content?

    Thank you again for your answers, and thank you in advance for your next answers:)

    Sorry for my so bad English ( I’am French, do you know how French people speak badly other langage :p héhé)



    Regarding your query related to reset email, you can send your query directly at info[at]themepalace[dot]com without any charges.

    Further, you can put content to the pages by going to Admin Panel > Pages > and edit the pages to add content and publish/update the changes you have made.

    Also, this won’t help, please provide us with a screenshot where you are facing the problem so that we can help you with fixes.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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