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    Hi guys,

    My idea is to click on a top menu item (for example top1) and on the sidebar you see the sites which belog to top1 point.
    So if I click top1 on he side bar the sub items are displayed in the sidebar.

    top1.1 –
    top1.2 –
    top1.3 –

    Is this possible ?

    Alternatively I tried to use the sitemap widget, but it doesn’t mark the active page and it cannot be reduced to the main menu points.
    Are there any further options ?


    Hello @edu_horse

    Can you please provide your site URL so that we can debug your issue further more and provide you with some possible solution.



    I have the following issues to resolve:

    (1) My site http://www.uis-edu.com covers all screens without a border. How do I create a border?

    (2) How do I turn off comments?

    (3) How do I create a forum in my site to replace comment box in each page?

    (4) How do I hide current comments on my page?


    Please create a new thread for the issue so that we can sort out the issues and provide efficient support.

    Best regards.


    Solved with a plugin.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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