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    Le Thi Hoan

    Hi Support team,

    I’ve got 2 category, I do not know how to make them look the same

    1. http://caodangyduochanoi1.edu.vn/category/thong-tin-tuyen-sinh/ (I want it to show like this)

    2. http://caodangyduochanoi1.edu.vn/category/hoi-dap-tuyen-sinh/

    Help me pls,

    tks so much!


    Hello @hoanlt,

    The archive view layout in the Academic Pro theme has an option to switch to grid view or list view as per your requirements.

    To switch your categories to the grid layout like in the URL ( http://caodangyduochanoi1.edu.vn/category/thong-tin-tuyen-sinh/ ), you will need to set your categories to display in grid layout option in your Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Archive layout.

    Here you will get an multi select option for your categories that you can choose to display in the grid layout from the list and save your changes.

    If you need any help further, please let us know,

    Hope this helps,

    Best Regards !!

    Mariano Castillo

    Good morning dear gentlemen of theme palace
    I want to put my complaint regarding the issue of education Pro.
    I have not been able to correctly edit the content sections of the main page, specifically the DEMO theme.
    I have managed to change the data in the site identity section. The only strange thing is that the title of the site comes in lowercase. I need it in capital letters, and I can not find the option.
    The other colors section works well. I have no complaints about this section.
    Image of header and background works well. No problem.

    When I get to the Sections part. There are the drawbacks. I can not edit the TOP BAR data. So I had to disable it.

    In the first category section. says enable static frontpage. content type DEMO, I can not edit the demo, oh change it to another existing file, just multiple category or recent post. and if I do this, I lose all the effects of the DEMO. as I create my own Demo, or I make the categories also have effect, as als set, what type of file I have to change or configure, so they do not lose the effects of the Slide.

    My page is hosted in:



    Hello @mcastillos,

    When we tested the issue locally with the latest version fo Academic pro with latest WordPress version, we were unable to find such kind of issue.

    So if you have installed any third party plugin then please deactivate them one by one and verify the issue.

    If the issue still persists kindly let us know.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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