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    I have just started to use this theme.

    The Author of each post is set to the correct author in the editor and is published as such.
    But in some of the views, like when you click a tag to view all posts with the tag the author changes?

    For example we have a tag named interview

    While in the post list, if we click the post tag interview
    we are taken to a new view. But the Author has now changed.


    Also the post titles all do show in the side bar under recent but not all of the posts are showing up in the page list?
    We have it set to show 20.



    Update. I changed to the Signify Photography theme.
    This fixed the issue with the post list.

    But the issue of the wrong Author remains?.

    I have temporarily fixed this with some css. Which will only work while we have 1 Author.

    /* SET author to  DJ JR
     Override for bug in theme where it shows wrong author */
    .byline  {
    	 visibility: hidden!important;
    .byline:before {
    	 visibility: visible;
    	content:'DJ JR';

    A more proper fix would be most welcome.

    Many thanks


    Can you please explain in more detail with some of the reference screenshots?

    I found even if is disable the CSS that you have added in additional CSS to replace the author-name, DJ JR is showing. I’m not getting to the actual issue that you want to share with us.

    Can Please explain in more details




    When you click for example one of the tags inside a post. The author would change.

    I cannot show you any screen shots. We got hacked shortly after..

    To be honest I am not sure where the entry was. Which means I am not sure if it was your theme and any plugins it installed that started this hack. We are still struggling to deal with it…



    Is your site is safe now?

    Please deactivated all the third parties plugins. I guess the plugin is responsible for the website hacked


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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