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    Hello everyone and congratulations on your amazing themes
    I have downloaded Education Hub (the free version) and the featured slider doesn’t seem to work. I have defined which 3 pages (with featured images) i want to show in the slider but nothing happens after i click Save and Publish. If i choose Entire Site it shows one gigantic image of only one of the pages. Although the arrow is enabled the image doesn’t move. What should i do? Thank you


    Hello @katman27

    Can you please your site URL so that we can debug you issue in much more details and provide you with some possible solution.

    Best Regards!!!


    Thank you so much for your immediate response.
    However I don’t think you can see the site because its on my University’s server.
    Its a test site for us to learn design. Its also in Greek.
    here it is http://helios.media.uoa.gr/ucd09/
    see if there is anything you can do.
    thank you


    Well, i just retried and is seems to be working!!!
    so excited!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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