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    I hope this is a simple question! I found putting a menu of Custom Links into the SocialMenu would put very nice icons in the top status bar, but when I tried to add Spotify, iTunes or Bandcamp, it only shows as a chain link.

    I checked my musical vibe fonts and I don’t know much about web fonts, but grep tells me the string ‘spotify’ is in there. Is this the correct way to add these links to the template? Are they considered special from social medial links because they are commercial sales platforms? (a good reason to locate them elsewhere)

    A little related to that, is there a special way to include the WP rss ‘/feed’ link as the usual RSS icon button?

    If there is another forum where it might be better for these sorts of novice questions, please let me know. I went through a dozen themes, found this one and I like it, but as a Musician’s Site, it just seemed odd that these essential links should be missing.


    Dear User,

    We can help you to add icons for Spotify and Bandcamp. But unfortunately, the icon for Itunes is not available in the icon list. So we can help you to add the Itunes icon

    You can check the list here is the link

    Can you please share your site URL? And add the link of Spotify and Bandcamp to the social menu

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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