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    The primairy menu on my site (www.xplanet.nl) contains some items, which have sub-items beneath them.
    On the desktop version of my site, clicking on an item, a drop down menu appears with sub-items.
    Although on the tablet version of my site, this drop down menu doesn’t appear, even though de menu-item contains an drop-down arrow.
    Because of this, it isn’t possible to click on the sub-items or visit the pages/posts to where they refer.
    How can I also get a drop down menu on the tablet version of my site?


    Hello @janjellema,

    The University Hub Pro theme uses the jQuery sidr menu for the responsive ( mobile menu ).

    The sidr menu displays the sub menu items from the menu in responsive menu indented with some spacing. The submenu of the child menu is also shown in the listing with similar level indentation.

    Thus all the menus used inside the submenu ( and its child ) menu is visible even in the responsive screens.

    While we have tested your website on a responsive device, it is seen that all the submenu pages are visible and accessible. Please check and verify the menu items displayed in the responsive view.

    For any confusions / issues please feel free to post in your queries and we will happily help you further.

    Hope this helps,

    Best Regards !!


    Hello Support Team,

    Thank you for your answer, however i have to disagree on your conclusion that the menu works fine .

    It’s right that when you visit the website in a responsive screen on a desktop computer, there is no problem. I’ve tested that also myself.

    But when you visit the website on an iPad 4 (model A1475), in Safari or in Chrome, the submenu doesn’t appear. Not on the my device, but also on similar devices of other people.

    Strange is that your demo theme also uses subitems in the menu and they are working fine.

    So, I’m actually looking for a method to show you or describe the problem or even better, how to fix this problem.


    Hello @janjellema,,

    The issue has been noted as known issue and we are currently working on this . We will be releasing the update fixing the issue soon and we will let you know.

    Hoping for the co-operations.

    Best regards!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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