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    Okay, first issue is that there is no favicon in the add-on domain site I’ve just installed, yet I was able to with the others. Could you help/direct me to how I can do this, please?

    Next is that the home page isn’t linking to the fixed page I have specified in the settings~reading section. I’ve done nothing different, no plug-ins added, so don’t understand this.

    Finally, my site title isn’t showing, even though I added and saved it in customize~site identity.

    I’ve installed as I did with my other site, yet these issues have cropped up. Please could you help resolve them? I’ve not installed any plug-ins or third party software, don’t know what is up. The URL is find-me-an-english-penpal.co.uk

    Many thanks!


    Hello @marinabrito

    As much as we would love to help you we are not able to regenerate your issue and thus we are not able to solve the issue.

    So we would like to request you to send your backend login details at support[at]wensolutions.com

    Best Regards!!!


    Is it possible to have some help with my issues?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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