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    1) Is Woocommerce Supported?
    2) Is it possible to run a Tour Operator and a Travel Accessories Shop in the same theme (Travel Master Pro)?
    3) How to add more than 4 featured Boxes and make it a slider? Or make a 4 x 6 Grid?
    4) If we Purchase can we Import a Demo of Shop, Pro and Blog on a our Website and make it one?
    5) Can we resize and customize the mobile version?
    6) Can we add Dokaan Plugin?
    7) Can we change font using Google Font
    8) Can we put Fonts inside the Boxes? Eg. Prices and tags?
    9) Can we remove the header Image from the product landing page (Cart)?


    Hello Inroutes

    Here are the answers to your queries

    1) Yes its Woocommerce compatible
    2) yes, but for now there is not a product section included in the travel layout. In need, you can create a shop page for it
    3) currently only 4×3 grid can be used, it can be upgraded if needed
    4) no it cannot be used as one for now
    5) no we can’t resize and customize for the mobile version
    6) I’m not sure is it fully compatible or not
    7) No, but it is possible by using additional css
    8) no we can’t put fonts inside boxes
    9) yes by using additional css

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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