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    Is there a way to disable the post section or even a page from the home page of my website? Here’s my site: http://www.usaparents.org/

    I’d like to delete this section altogether: http://screencast.com/t/CyJO3aPHd


    @CherylR, well the posts section can be suppress to hide using custom CSS code.

    Paste the following CSS code in Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Custom CSS

    .site-content {
        display: none;

    Next, referencing to your screenshot ‘edit’ texts just displays for logged in users. It won’t be shown to log out or normal site visitors.

    If you still have anything else, please let us know.



    Thank you!


    When I added the suggested CSS code, it not only removed the content from my home page (which I wanted), but from every page altogether, which is not what I wanted. As a result, I removed the code.

    What should my next steps be?

    Thank you.


    I think I may have figured this out. I went into the Home Page Options section and unchecked the Show Home Content box. Things seem ok now, but I am still unable to remove the comment option from one of my pages: http://www.usaparents.org/about/


    Hello @CherylR

    To remove comment from you about page, first you need to go to particular about page edit screen.
    After that you will Screen Options on the top right corner you need to click that, then menu will expand, and now you need to check the check-box Discussion. Now after that go below the screen you will see Discussion section. Now uncheck the check-box Allow comments.
    You can further refer below attachment.
    After that Update you page then you should be done.

    Hope this will solve you issue.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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