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    I received an update notice on WordPress for the recent update to Education Hub Pro’s newest version. I gave the key given through theme palace in my Theme Licence spot on Worpress, however it says it can’t be activated for some reason. I need help resolving this issue as the new updates are important and my licence doesn’t expire for quite some time.


    @SMARTCEUsHub, please confirm the following things

    1. You have copied and paste the correct License Key in your license input field.

    2. Make sure you have not used your license key in any other secondary domain before you attempt to put it on your main domain.

    Normally, license key stays unique and won’t override form updates.

    If you still have this issue, please send your email through this form.

    Thank you


    I have the same problem.

    I checked: the licence key is where is belongs, in the license input field.
    But below that field it says “Site is inactive”. Is that because I have a child theme ?

    Thanks for your help

    ps :
    While writing this post the upgrade information disappeared. But I’m still with version 2.3


    @smartceushub, from inspection it has been found that your license key is activated in secondary domain other than the main domain you want. Site is reset so please try to activate the license key in main domain now.

    , please confirm the above conditions and your license key is not previously activated anywhere in secondary domain.


    Thanks for your quick reply.
    The licence key was activated when the site was still under construction on an other url. Can I check somehow on what domain the key is registered?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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