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    No problems with the theme so far, it has worked well. I just came back to my account here checking expiry dates and noticed that the theme was last updated in 2016. I thought it important to ask for a confirmation the theme will work with the current version of WordPress.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

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    Nothing has changed since you last logged in successfully. I will resend the login info.

    in reply to: Social Menu – Customizer – Cannot "Save & Publish" #16909

    I found a way for it to work, but not with the customizer.

    Its through the Admin area of WordPress, “Appearances – Menus”.

    Near the top, “Select a menu to edit:”, drop list, choose “Social Menu” and in there add the social links. The link and proper “link text” will bring up the correct icon as provided by the theme.

    Although this does not fix the issue in the Customizer – Menus (options).

    Here is what may help troubleshoot.

    • Cannot add social menu items in “Menus” options in the Customizer, it will not save and publish.
    • Can add social menu items in “Admin – Appearances – Menus – Social Menu”.
    • Can save changes/additions in the “Admin – Menus – Social Menus” area.
    • In “Appearances – Menus – Social Menus | Menu Settings” area, checking the “Social Menus” check box to show the social menu activates the social menu.
    • Going into Customizer for social menus the same “social menus” settings is also checked. I can uncheck that same box in the Customizer and save it. I can activate and deactivate the social menu this way in the Customizer, but…
    • Cannot add an item to the social menu using the Customizer. The moment I add an item to the social menu here, it will not save and publish. Still in the Customizer, the moment I delete the new item showing in the list, that I wanted to add, then I can save and publish and change the settings (Social menu check box) if I want.
    • Problem occurs when trying to add a menu item in the Customizer – Social Menu area
    • NOTE: the same “save and publish” problem also exists if I try to Add any menu item, even to the Main menu using the Customizer. The moment I remove that item I tried to add, the “save and Publish” button works
    • Problem occurs using Customizer to add any menu item

    I think that narrows down the problem of where the issue occurs. Its the Customizer. I suppose some PHP scripting got corrupted in the last update.

    Try going into the PHP file(s) to see what has gone wrong for those elements I mentioned above.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks, I see that now.

    For those reading this, so its better understood, there is an option in the Widget customizer for that particular widget that displays posts. The widget name is “Trade Line: Recent Posts Advanced” and the option is named “Disable Post Excerpt” which by default is checked. To uncheck it reveals the excerpt.



    In my previous post (August 24, 2016 at 6:43 pm), I said that I did re-checked “ALL” options and none worked. This included your suggestion – “Customizer | Color Options | Service Widget Color Options -> Main Widget Title Background Color” – it does not work.

    None of the options worked to change the widget <h2> background color.

    This is why I emailed you (your support email address) the login information for someone to fix it.

    I wish you would read my posts more carefully because a lot of time is wasted with assuming I did not do something when my post says I did. It’s quite unnecessary with these continuous back and forth posts.

    Please use the login info I sent by email and please fix the issue.




    If you read my post, it gives the exact option and how to find that option.

    Customizer | Color Options | Home Page Widgets Color Options > Widget Title Background Color

    The exact option is “Widget Title Background Color”, that is the name of the option and the location is just above.

    The website is still under construction so access to the page is only with a WP login.

    I will send a request by email to you, I already have your email address.


    I re-visited ALL the color options for the theme inside the customizer. Not one worked to change the <h2> background color.

    This is where I think the color options sits.

    Customizer | Color Options | Home Page Widgets Color Options > Widget Title Background Color

    I already set that specific color from default (#2BA48C) to a different color, dark green #124C16.

    The default color is the one that the widget <h2> is using, and despite setting a different color, it does not work, does not change. This is why I said I could not find the option setting for this element. This option is broken.

    When I used Jetpack Custom CSS, using the selector “h2.widget-title span”, and setting the title background title there, it changes the background color to what I wanted, but this is a global application so that means it over-rides all “widget-title” color options in the customizer because I had to use the value of “!important”.

    Obviously, if I wanted different colors for these various widget titles that I could set in the customizer – color options, I can’t now, because I am forced to use Custom CSS and affect all widget-title colors and I certainly do not want to start creating PHP scripts to selectively affect these title colors.

    This means the theme has come broken parts.

    If you tell me where the PHP or script file for affecting these colors, I will compare the file the theme has to a valid file and see what is wrong.

    Unless you have other suggestions or answers?

    Can you fix this problem?


    Been there, got the full tour through each option and nothing. Also I found that setting color in one option is reversed by another option, kind of conflicting, dual option settings for the same element.

    I will tour that option panel again (4th time) and see if I can pinpoint it.

    One thing you can do is name these option sections better so we can actually relate to the module being affected. Such as “Widget – Header Text Color” then “Widget – Header Background Color”, etc.


    I did provide the information via email to your email address. What happened, did you loose it?

    I will send it again within the next few minutes.



    Any answers yet as to why my Featured Icons at not centered?


    Wen Support will not answer your question here because here is not the theme you use it is also the wrong Theme Forum, this forum here applies to “Trade Line Pro” which is designed differently than your theme.

    Please do this

    • Log into ThemePalace to your account.
    • Make sure your email address is current in your profile
    • Click “Support” in the top menu
    • In the middle part of the page, the drop menu “Select a Theme/Plugin”, select your theme from the list, “Education Hub Pro”
    • Bottom of the page, post your question
    • Make sure you check “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” at the bottom of the posting message area
    • Wen will answer you there


    in reply to: Blog – Remove Slider #15689

    I was referring to the core style sheet copied to the child theme and when an update changes the core style sheet in the core theme folders, then that would require me to recopy the core CSS into the Child theme style sheet which erases any changes I made and would require me to replace the changes.

    Ok, so what it seems from your reply that the child theme style sheet is really acting like a custom CSS style sheet and the only entries there would be my custom CSS entries.

    If that is what you mean, then basically the Custom CSS already provided will suffice unless there are other files that need to be placed into a child theme like PHP files.

    Thanks for you reply.

    in reply to: Shop Missing In Theme #15688

    That’s great, thanks.

    == resolved ==


    I like the support method here, but it has one failing, actual support from the theme vendor has no method to provide a support agent information for login access to inspect the install and I am certainly not going to post that info here.

    If you (Theme vendor support) have access to my email address for my account here at Theme Palace, send me an email and I will reply with login credentials. This because the website is still under construction for the client and its behind a “Coming Soon” maintenance page.

    Are you able to do that?

    in reply to: Blog – Remove Slider #15632

    Child Theme
    Mmm, the child theme idea sounds nice, but the idea that I have to manually update the child’s CSS style sheet each time an update comes is not good, especially when I am doing the website for a client and once finished, my involvement is also finished, then leaving manual updates to clients who may not know what to do, forces him into hiring a web designer again just for that minor work of manually updating.

    I’ll go the custom CSS instead, thanks for the selector info.

    Update the Theme
    The theme needs an update to this issue to provide the option in the customizer for blog pages to display the slider or not. After all, this kind of setting belongs there and not really in custom CSS. The main reason for saying this is not everyone knows CSS or can work custom CSS because they are not skilled web designers, so the slider display option part in customizer needs to be there.

    In fact, include the option for “display or not display” a slider or fixed header image for just the blog part. That would be much better. (fixed header image that allows for a different header image in place of a slider than what is displayed in the rest of the theme website).


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