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  • Baris Timocin


    Thanks for your prompt response. Your advice on the social menus has worked well – thank you.

    Secondly, I have inserted the additional css you provided, however, the menu items are still ‘white on white’ if you are on a given page.

    Please can you assist me in getting it so that the given page you are on, doesn’t become white on white?

    Thanks for your great support as usual.



    Baris Timocin


    Thanks for your response above, I have followed the documentation given regarding child-theme creation. However, the issues mentioned in the previous post are still happening once I have made the child theme as per your instructions. Please see the screenshots below:

    buttons broken which allow user to select options on 'Main Slider' section. Also, the space below this section wasn't there before child-theme was activated

    buttons are broken (not all visible and are all enlarged) which allow the user to select options on ‘Main Slider’ section. Space below this section (and above the ‘services’ element) wasn’t there before child-theme was activated.

    arrows broken

    In the top-right of the screenshot^ – the arrows to slide the ‘Gallery Slider’ appear broken after child theme install and activation. They are facing wrong way and look distorted, however, they do function as they are supposed to.

    buttons enlarged

    This screenshot^ of the same area – ‘Gallery Slider’ the buttons below it are enlarged after child theme activation.

    These issues are on this URL:

    I have left the website with the errors on for now so you can see it in live form. Please can you check my child theme? I am 100% sure I have created it correctly, created the files within it correctly as well as the enqueuing code.

    Thank you

    Baris Timocin

    Apologies for my lack of clarity.

    I made a new folder here: public_html/wp-content/themes named: ‘example-child’

    I then made a style.css and a functions.php file here: public_html/wp-content/themes/example-child

    to code the style.css and function.php files I used to this manual:

    Everything seemed to work fine, apart from;

    1) the buttons here for the gallery slider are blown up

    buttons are blown up after child theme implemented

    2) the slider arrows here are styled wrong and looked distorted

    Arrow sliders look wrong but function ok

    All of the above happened when the child theme was activated. The site is currently back on the parent theme so these issues aren’t actually visible on live site.

    Thanks and I appreciate your prompt response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)