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    Luka Bartling

    Furthermore, it is not possible for me to set up the slider properly on a static page. It is nice that there is the option for a slider, but only a black background is not an option.

    is it possible to use your own slider images or colors?

    I’m really sorry, the more I try to realize my wishes with this theme, the more I regret paying the money. It certainly works somehow on an absolutely simple site. But as soon as you want to define your own pages, colorize links and texts and incorporate one or the other small change, nothing works anymore.

    It’s a shame that the files themselves are built so opaque. So you can no longer even use the good old “messing up code yourself” trick.

    I can not assign the colors as I want, at some point even the whole theme goes crazy and I have to reset the settings.

    With this theme I hoped that I wouldn’t have to design a website completely myself again, but I probably won’t have anything else to do with it …. In my opinion, the list of features should be revised … This is definitely not the way it is corresponds.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)