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    Christian Neemé


    I’m using the theme Musicsong Pro but the text in the boxes where you can choose ticket options have a white color and since the box itself is white the options won’t show if you don’t hover above the options.

    I need help to change the text color inside the boxes or change the color of the boxes itself. You can see an example on these screenshots: https://ibb.co/qNYDhCr, https://ibb.co/5GK4sr2

    I also have a problem that the “cart button” only appears when you hover over the button itself, or else it’s transparent.

    Screenshots: https://ibb.co/wzvCJtH, https://ibb.co/p1cYTnT


    @BILJETTBUTIKEN-SE, Can you please share your site URL? It would be easy to identify the issue and help you with the necessary CSS code to fix the issue you have mentioned

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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