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    Hi guys, I have some problems, and I assume that they are due to the Edufication pro theme.

    1. If I try to change the color and font of the text in “text-editor” elements in elementor, the changes do not apply. I think there is a setting in the theme but I can´t find it. I can describe it more clearly with screenshots if you wish

    2. I still cannot set a color code for the yellows in the theme. E.g. the phone and mail symbol are super bright yellow. I need that one in more dark. Could you please help me regarding that issue?

    3. The menu, accessing the website through mobile, has still a blue blackground. How can I change that?

    That´s it for now, thank you very much in advance. I appreciate any help.


    Actually, theme is not fully compatible with the elementor and any of the page builders. The theme has its own style that’s why the color is not taken

    Could you please share your site URL? We will inspect and provide you a CSS later you can add that CSS in the Additional CSS

    Could you provide us a list of changes that you want to have on your site if possible with the color code


    Hi @PSINK thank you. Yes, the URL is: http://www.educationhelp.de

    I´ve made a screenshot:

    1. The red circles are the yellow color tone that has to be changed to #FFD618. Also the info bar with the phone and the email to #FFD618 (not visible on the screenshot)
    2. The yellow circle describes the problem that exists with the font and style of the text. If we try to change that to another font, it doesn´t apply. I think there is a setting in the theme, which defaults the texteditor-elements in elementor. Do you have an idea here?

    Thank you very much, that´s it for now


    Regarding query no. 1
    -> You can simply change the theme color scheme

    or you can add this CSS

    .main-navigation ul#primary-menu li.current-menu-item > a,
    .main-navigation a:hover, .main-navigation a:focus,
    .main-navigation ul.nav-menu > li > a:hover,
    .main-navigation ul.nav-menu > li > a:focus{
    color: #FFD618;

    .contact-details ul li a svg{
    fill: #FFD618;

    the best approach is to change the theme color scheme from a customizer

    Regarding query no.2
    -> Seems you have set “Poppins” fonts from the editor. I guess it’s working I have inspect your site and there is a “Poppins” fonts in use

    Here is the reference screen record


    Hi Psink, thank you very much for your answer.

    1. The CSS works fine, only the bottom right / top right button to navigate up or down on the website still misses a css, could you help me with that? As you can see I dont have the custom colors scheme in the menu

    2. https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/19503647?key=36da1dd50991868a5e26e6aff7ac3cbd
    I see your point, but as I try to edit the text it doesnt work again – as you can see here


    Regarding Query No.1
    -> You can add this CSS it will apply for all buttons with in the theme

    background-color: #FFD618;

    Regarding Query No.2
    -> You can this CSS to change the color of text, please change the color code as per your requirement
    .elementor-element-a896abe .p1 {
    color: #f2f9ff;

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