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    I created a gallery menu with sub-pages under it – portraits, art portraits, etc.
    I followed the steps to create a gallery but when I update the page and go to the website, the gallery page is empty. The portrait page is empty but all the other pages have a copy of the featured image from the front gallery in it and not the gallery I created. When I add images to the page with the featured front page gallery images, the featured image is above the page and the other images are below instead of next to each other. I theorized that I may need to create sub gallery pages and attach them to their menu pages, that just knocked out the front page gallery image. Help!


    Hello @donnabia

    As far as we have inspected your site we have seen that art portraits that you are referring is a category so when you go click that menu item it will displays the post’s feature image within that category, not the gallery.
    So if you want gallery to display you need to create new page/post and click on Add Media button on content editor section and then create gallery then select the images you want to create gallery of.
    Then finally Insert gallery into page/post. Then add that particular page/post you have created as menu items.

    Hope this will help you.
    Let us know if any confusion.



    hi, I have created a photo gallery, but does not appear in the horizontal bar of thumbnails of all photos in the bottom of the page (as shown in your demo), Can you help me? sorry for my bad English. Thanks.


    Hello @tonidp,

    Please post new issue queries always by creating your own thread. Posting new issues in previously created threads breaks the flow of support and makes it difficult to address issues precisely.

    Having said that, we would need to inspect your website to further resolve your issue.

    Please create a new support thread for your issue with your website URL and we would happily address you there.

    Hope you would understand,

    Best Regards !!


    Hello! I have a 2 question to you.
    1. When I place in one gallery the photos with a different ratio of the parties – sometimes it looks not really beautifully. I know that in settings of galleries there is a “Miniatures” point which turns them into small squares. Is it possible to make that miniatures of photos were cut off to equal rectangles, how in the first gallery on my website?
    2. When I opening big photos in gallery – they swing open too widely. Sometime they get into the section of miniatures from below. How to make that they didn’t do it?
    Thank you and sorry for my english.


    @mikwalrus, please create a new support ticket with similar query so that we could follow you up there and discuss to resolve it being specific to your concerns. It would help us to provide you the efficient support on your queries.

    Thank you for your understanding on this matter.



    I do have familiar issue with my portal, but the fact of the matter is I just need the replica of the Demo, which actually suits my need.


    Hello @raghunas,

    Please create your own new ticket regarding your issue.

    Posting issues in previous tickets breaks the flow of support and makes its difficult to address issues specifically.

    Post your issue in a new ticket thread and we would happily assist you there.

    Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

    Best Regards !!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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