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    I have a website using Travel Gem Pro and is functioning well, I am planning something new with the same, explained here:

    I want tour provider to have access and he should be login and then add his trip on his own and should update on the website without me intervening, however I should also be in control of the each of the trip that tour provider uploads.

    I hope my plan is understood, assume A is a provider of Trip to Mountain C then ‘A’ will have a login access unique to him and he just logs in to mywebsite.com/tourprovider/ and updates a trip “A Day Trip to Mountain C” with all the details and then once he does the trip “A Day Trip to Mountain C” will be automatically added to mywebsite.com/trip and I should be in control of bookings and then he trip created.

    Please let me know how do is there is any plugin or add on with Travel Gem Pro is installed on my website.



    Hello @raghu,

    The feature that you have mentioned is currently not available in the plugin and to make it work as you want requires higher code customization.

    So if you want the feature then you can consider hiring the professional developer and to hire one refer to below given link:


    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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