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    I’ve turned off most of the features, such as portfolio, latest news.

    the only way I found to have the “background” image push the footer out of the way is to use the “featured image” on this home page, turn off viewing the homepage content, and use just one slider set to home page. When I do this, there’s no way to add a call-to-action button on top of the image. I’d like 3 call to actions, each leading to a different page. I have a screenshot, but do not see a way to attach it.

    see http://www.hsga.net, I’m leaving these settings in place for the time being as I can’t find a theme like yours that lets me create a big image look which I love. It’s only missing a way to put the call to action in place, which I suspect is because I’ve turned off showing home page content. (incidentally it looks like a white framed blog post on top of the full width image if I do use it) I downloaded your call to action plugin and know it works on a different page than home, (though I’d like to position it toward one side and lower on the page, but centered could work).


    Hello @roaringlamb,

    We have inspected your website and looks like currently you have only one page set to the homepage slider and have disabled the Caption block.

    With the default design of the Onefold theme it is only possible to have a Page link button per slide. Please make sure that ion your Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Featured Slider > Slider Options you have checked the Enable caption Checkbox to show the page excerpt and page link button.

    You can add multiple pages in the slider to link to different pages.

    Also, if you could better explain your requirements further we will surely be able to help you more. You can share with us the screenshot by uploading the screenshot in free image hosting sites ( Like imgur ) and paste the image link here.

    Hope this Helps,

    Best Regards !!


    Yes I turned off the page link option on purpose. I wasn’t looking for sliders or blog posts. I used one slider since it made the page look right. I’d like to turn it off and use a normal home page setup if it didn’t have the white space for a blogpost by default. The way the home page looks now is lacking only one thing, I want three call to action buttons on it.

    The final section of the website is going to feature youtube videos, and .pdf files that I hope they’ll be able to see asap. I’m only attracted to the big image look on the home page, the menu style and the ease of use. Your theme was the only one of several that got me this far. The classified ad section, the photo gallery (showcase) and a members contact list are the only other features the website will offer. Not going to write any posts, sell any pictures. It’s going to offer our members a place to learn animal care, to show off their animals and offer them for sale.


    Hello again,

    We are still unsure of what sections you would want to put on your home page. If you want a call to action you will have to use a plugin and embed it on the theme as the theme does not provide the call to action section.

    The premium version of the theme does provide that call to action section but it also only allows one call to action on the theme, so we recommend you to use a plugin that is fit to your requirement.

    Note: The theme is not tested with the third party plugin, so we cannot assure all the plugin will be compatible with the theme.



    I used your free plugin for Call to Action. I don’t want any sections on my home page. I want three call to action buttons on the front page. If you see the page at http://www.hsga.net it is only missing a way to add those three buttons.



    The feature you are requesting is not available on the theme and as much as we would like to help you we are not able to as, the theme doesn’t support this customization and this is beyond the support offered for our products, which consists of bug fixing and theme documentation.

    Although it is possible for you to achieve your request on the theme with advanced code customization of the theme, it might effect other parts of the theme, like its design and at times its functionality.

    It would be wise not to customize the code yourself if you do not have knowledge on programming,
    Our suggestion to you is to hire a professional developer for your customization, so that your theme will no be effected in any way.

    To hire a developer please follow the link below

    We hope it helps,
    Best Regards.

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