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    I am having the same problem verifying the theme within WordPress. I have activated the theme for my website through theme palace but WordPress is prompting me to enter the API License Key & API License email. When I do this and save changes it says :

    The license could not be deactivated. Use the License Deactivation tab to manually deactivate the license before activating a new license.

    Connection failed to the License Key API server. Try again later.

    I have tried contacting the hosting website to see if it is a server issue but they assured me it isn’t and told me to try deactivating all my plugins.

    I tried this and came up with the same problem

    Let me know what is going on.

    I think the theme is functional but WordPress is still asking me to activate the theme




    Hello @tiffanyymariee, it seems like you have not updated your theme to the latest version available after Theme Palace have upgraded its automatic theme updates and other maintenance work.

    Make sure you have got update notification of Photo Perfect Pro theme in your Appearance -> Themes from which you update it to the latest version 1.3 .

    Retry your license key after updating your theme.

    For more details :


    Note : If you have not received update notification of your theme, please request us its updated version by mailing us at support@wensolutions.com .

    Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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