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    Nick Piper

    I need to find a way to override the text in the buttons(at the bottom of the page) on all the posts pages. For example when i’m on a certain post, the next and previous buttons at the bottom don’t say ‘next’ or ‘previous’, but instead say the title of the next or previous post, which makes for very sloppy buttons if the text is too long, which in my case if very frequent. I need to find a way to take that text and override it so the left button text says ‘previous’ and the right button says ‘next’ on every single post. So the ‘next’/’previous’ button text format needs to transfer over to each post made, so no matter what post you are on, the buttons’ text will say ‘next’ or ‘previous’.


    Hi Nick,

    You can choose other pagination options from Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Pagination Options.

    Daniel Ianc

    I have the same prb but I cannot find in Reblog Pro option -> Pagination option.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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