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    hey there!

    Thank you for the response!
    I’ve uploaded the PRO version on my WordPress panel
    I’ve some more queries
    1. After updating my web slider on the home page got replaced with the demo slider, how do I recover that? I was using WD slider earlier will that work here and how to do it?
    2. Earlier, only the Home/front page had the widgets on the right-hand side of the page, but now on the whole website, widgets on the right-hand side are appearing. How to get rid of widgets on another page like on a single product page & cart page? and keep the pages as a full widget page?
    3. Just like a preview, I saw of the pro version, I want to add sections like category, collections, the latest offer & Featured products section, how to add it?
    4. After upgrading the website, there’s additional shop section added on the home page which is replicate, how do I remove that?
    5. There’ some elements/ section which is missing on the footer, how do I recover it?
    6. I currently using a visual page builder on this website which is not Ideal, does this theme support Elementor?
    here is the link for the website, I’ve not made the PRO version live yet because of the above queries I had
    P.S: Do you have a ticketing system or other system where for PRO theme customers can get quick support & response?



    First of all, please be clear that the customizer settings will all be updated when you get the pro version of the theme and hence, the setup in the previous site maybe affected. You need to reconfigure the customizer settings, however, the contents of the database will be safe even after the update.

    Please find the answer to all of your queries below :

    Query 1 :
    Response – The theme itself offers the slider and hence you should not use any external plugins to get the slider feature in your site. To set the slider options, go to, Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Featured Section > Slider Type / Slider option .

    Query 2 :
    Response – In the customizer setting i.e Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Theme Option > Layout Option, make sure you have set the global layout as per your requirement. Also, for the individual page, the theme setting may have overridden the global layout settings. You can get the options for the sidebar in the individual page option

    Screenshot : https://prnt.sc/nmaahr

    Query 3 :
    Response – Please refer to the documentation of the theme and follow the given instruction to set up your site : https://themepalace.com/instructions/themes/easy-commerce-pro/

    On following the given instructions, if you encounter any problem, feel free to write back to us.

    Query 4 :
    Response – The homepage of the theme is fully customizable and every section that you see can be enabled/disabled. Please refer to the documentation for further info.

    Query 5 :
    Response – To recover the footer widgets, add the required widgets in the footer widget area and update the settings.

    Query 6 :
    Response : Integrating Elementor in the theme should not cause any issues. However, if you spot any issue you can kindly report it back to us.

    Also, after the purchase of the pro theme, you will have the access to the pro themes support forum. Please create the thread in the pro version of the forum. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    For any further query/confusion, feel free to write back to us.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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