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    Hello, I am not sure if I have to ask this question here or at WP travel, but I have an issue with the trip menu or tabs.

    What happens:
    On a trip pages I see the tabs for the different information of the trip.
    After scrolling down a white banner appears at the top of my pages.
    I have noticed that sometimes the menu appears here, but sometimes not. Also sometimes the tabs I mentioned before disappear and will not appear again when scrolling back up.

    I understand this probably should be like a sticky menu, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly everytime on my website.

    Here is the screen video:

    Hopefully you can help me solve this problem,



    Please verify your issue with the latest version of the theme.

    We have released the update working on the compatibility.

    Please verify the issue and if the issue still persists, kindly let us know.

    Also, your query regarding white banner and menu appearing is not quite clear, please explain in detail.



    Hello again,

    I have just updated to the latest version of the theme 1.0.9. And we are still having this issue. Along with another one that I made a post for before.

    I will try explain in more detail what I am experiencing:
    – on a trip page we see the tabs menu: Overview, Trip Outline, Trip includes etc.
    – once you start scrolling down, after a while a white bar below the blue sticky menu will appear (as show on the video)
    – this happens in all browsers
    – sometimes the tabs menu (as mentioned before) will show in this white bar and disappear just above the overview of the trip. And sometimes it just stays white.

    On this page is happens as well: https://www.jokkmokkarcticdream.se/itinerary/northern-light-dinner-in-lavvu/

    Another issue we are still experiencing is #125797. This is the booking on a single trip page. The button is not going down to the booking section but stays at the top of the page.
    Because this was not working I have hidden the button, but would like to be able to unhide it.

    Hope this is more clear and you can help.




    Everything is working on our side when we verified the issue you have reported with the latest version of the theme.

    The issue might have raised due to third party conflict so you can deactivate the plugins one by one and verify.

    If the issue still persists, let us know.



    Hello, the issues are still persisting. I am using two replies because I want to show 2 different screenrecordings.

    The first is the sticky tab-menu. I have deactivated all de plugins including the extra plugins from WP travel. Then I activitated one by one.

    Turns out the sticky menu is not working properly wit WP travel Utilities plugin. This is what we see when the plugin is actived:


    When the pluging is deactived. The menu that is on the left in the recording is in the middle and returning properly on the page when scrolling back up.

    Hope you can help.



    Hello, the issues are still persisting. This is the second issue. The booking button is not going down to booking area but up again. I tried this with all other plugins other then WP travel off and it still is going up. Therefore I am hiding it. But I would like for it the work.

    See the recording for what is happening.

    You can see the sticky menu of the tab-menu working properly (I think) but the button is still going up instead of down. (the WP travel utilities plugin was off at the time)




    Regarding your query about the booking details, you can click the booking tab and it directly takes you to the booking details by scrolling as shown in the screen record given below which is the feature of the theme.

    However, the query about the tabs being invisible after you scroll down and then up, actually the issue is the known issue and we are working on it. We will get back to you after the issue will be fixed.

    Hoping for your kind co-operation.




    Please update to the latest version of the theme and verify the issue.

    If you have any queries, let us know.


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