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    Regarding your query, everything is working fine on our side with the latest version of WP Travel.

    Also, your site looks perfectly fine on our side with the functionality of the booking section as you can refer to the screen record below.


    However, the screen record we have attached is from Google Chrome Browser, so please let us know which browser you are using and also update your theme and plugin to the latest version and verify the issue once again.

    Hope this helps.



    Hello again,

    sorry for late reply. I was working on other things and hope you can still help me. The problems still occur.
    I am using mostly Chrome but also check the issues in Safari and Firefox.

    Also I checked all the updates and they are up to date.

    Problem 1:
    In the previous reply you showed me a video of the booking button in the trip menu. However this is not te button I have an issue with. I had that button hidden because it was not working. At the moment I have it shown on the page. It is the red button on the right side-bar, under the trip info.

    Problem 2:
    The other issue is still the trip menu (overview, trip outline, trip includes etc.).
    Sometimes this shows just a white strip on the top without the menu.
    Sometimes it won’t show the menu on the page anymore (it is just gone).
    This is only solved when the WP Travel Utilities plugin is disabled.

    The issue hasn’t changed so the previous video’s are still valid.

    Hope we can figure it out how to solve this.




    As we’ve already noted your issues and also checked on our side everything was working fine.

    So, to further inspect the issue from our side we require your site URL and login details at


    We will get back to you after the inspection.




    I just downloaded and installed the new version (1.1.3) of the theme. I was keeping my fingers crossed this would solve our problems. Unfortunately it did not.

    I just made a login for you. You should have gotten an email for the account.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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