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    Hugo Rocha

    Hello once more.
    I’ve done the importation again and it might have been something wrong with it.
    Know it’s all good with the theme formatation.

    But please answer my last message – the one that is awaiting moderation.

    Thank you.

    Hugo Rocha

    Ok, I will speak to him.

    Another question; I have 3 more sites with the same license (photobrust pro).

    (by order of the websites creation)
    1st h2drogen.pt/ (online)
    2nd cctvip.pt/ (online)
    3rd qilab.pt/ (maintenance mode)
    4th pwcred.pt/ (maintenance mode)

    I noticed that this message is appearing on the top of dashboard (only in the “cctvip”, “qilab” and “pwcred”): “PhotoBrust Pro License Key has not been activated, so the theme is inactive. Click here to activate the license key and the theme. Get API key from Theme Palace.”

    Then i went to my account on theme palace, clicked in “View licenses” and saw that only h2drogen.pt/ URL is active. (as you can see in the printscreen) Can you help me here to solve this problem and activate the other 3 URL’s. Or, tell me what can i do.

    As you can see in the printscreen, i’ve already inserted the license key but nothing happened when i clicked “activate license” and then “save changes”. It kept appearing “Site is inactive”.

    Do you have a solution to this problem?


    Seems you have used the same license on all the sites. One license only works for one site

    For more info https://themepalace.com/faq/#license

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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