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    Baris Timocin

    Hi guys,

    I hope you are all doing well?

    The theme is still working great and it performs super-fast! Thanks for all the support so far too, it’s been great.

    I have a slight issue at the minute with the gallery slider which I am using on the front page. It seems to be the case that when using larger screens, the gallery slider does not function as it should. It doesn’t slide although it is populated with more than enough items to make it slide. Please can you assist me in getting the gallery slider to work the same as it does with regular laptop/pc screen sizes?

    Also, because my website is in a highly regulated industry, I have another issue. The page titles of the items that are selected to be used in the gallery slider on the front page do not appear until the item is in the centre of the slider. My regulator has asked that the information (the page titles) be visible at all times when each item slides. Can you assist me with achieving that too, please?

    Thanks a lot for creating a fantastic theme to work with. I look forward to your response on this.

    Best regards,




    Everything is working fine on our side when we inspected so please verify the issue once by deactivating any third-party plugins.

    Also, if the issue still persists then please provide us the site URL with screenshots by highlighting the section you have mentioned so that we can inspect further to the issue you have mentioned and help you provide the precise fix.




    Regarding your query, please have a look at the screen record below as everything is working fine when we checked in our chrome browser.


    Please mention to us which browser are you using your site in?

    Also, about your query about the page title, we are unable to inspect as the images you have sent via mail are not supporting. So, you can use light shot app for a screenshot.


    Hope this helps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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