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    May I chime in? I’m just another user of this theme and have struggled with this issue as well.

    If I understand your problem it’s not the size of the slider window (which looks fine on your site) but what is show in the slider, particularly the tops (and bottoms) getting cut off.

    I actually don’t think it’s an issue with CSS or with this theme but it’s a “feature” of responsive design. Think about it this way: You have a picture at a certain size that looks perfect (and the images on your site do, when I make the window small). Now you make your window wider. For the image to fill the width of the window AND maintain a given height AND NOT get distorted it has to cut off bottom and top pieces of the image. Otherwise you’d either have to allow the picture to grow in height or allow the image to get stretched out to the sides.

    I don’t see how any CSS can “fix” this.

    My “solution” to this: Make sure the images you use have their focus point centered and have plenty of stuff that can be cut off at the bottom and top. (See my site

    in reply to: Placement of tagline #92699

    Works like a charm! I adjusted the @media display area width and font sizes a bit for the smaller tag line on our production site, and now it looks great at all screen sizes.

    Thanks for your always superb support!!!

    in reply to: Placement of tagline #92571

    I’m so sorry. You must have checked my site out right after I did a restore of the site and had not re-activated the display of the tag line 🙁 So when you were looking at it, only the logo and site title were showing and of course you won’t see anything wrong.

    Please take another look now. The tagline is now showing again so you should be able to spot the issue I’m talking about: long tag line pushing the menu to another line.

    Again, I apologize for causing confusion.


    in reply to: Placement of tagline #92543

    Not sure why the images are not showing, here’s another stab at it. I’ve also added regular links to them.

    Full window

    Small window

    Medium window

    in reply to: Placement of tagline #92541

    Hi, I added the tagline to my development instance. Look at

    Here’s what I mean:

    At full screen, everything looks great:
    Full Screen

    If I make the window small so the menu collapses to a hamburger menu, things look great:

    The problem arises when I size the window to anything in between. Then the navigation menu stays full-size but slips to below the tagline blowing up the header:

    Ideally, I’d like the title and tagline ALWAYS show under the logo, just like for small screen sizes.

    I guess I could fake it by creating a site logo that includes the name and tagline but I was hoping there’s some CSS magic that can make that happen.


    in reply to: Mobile menu #92484

    Didn’t see a response by the OP but I want to say thank you for this answer. My homepage now looks much nicer, with the floating menu on the right rather than the menu taking up a lot of space in the middle. This should really be the default in this theme.

    in reply to: Placement of Facebook icon #92282

    For anyone who is interested in this issue: I have figured out a way that doesn’t require custom coding.

    1. Download the Facebook logo that fits your theme best from I am using the smallest-size color version.

    2. Add it to your Media Library. Copy the URL for it.

    3. Go to Customize->Menus and select the menu to which you want to add the Facebook logo.

    4. Click Add Items. Choose Custom Links.

    5. In the URL field, add the Facebook page you want to link to.

    6. In the Link Text box, add:

    <img alt="Facebook" src="logourl" width="25" height="25" />

    replacing Logourl with the URL for the logo you copied in step 2.

    7. Click Add to Menu


    Depending on your theme and font choices you may have to adjust width and height in step 6 to make the Facebook logo fit in well.

    On my site this looks a lot nicer than the Facebook link that the theme produced in the Social Links footer, which had a weird-looking logo and was almost impossible to see against the black background of the theme footer.

    in reply to: Placement of Facebook icon #92194

    Side-note: I tried adding a custom link to Facebook to the main menu but unlike in the Social Menu area it just shows the work Facebook and doesn’t automagically replace it with the Facebook logo.

    in reply to: Problem with HTML on Front Page #91439

    I tried to post this before but apparently it didn’t make it, so please apologize if this is a duplicate.

    Thanks for fixing the issue! HTML code in About Us is now rendered correctly.

    I must admit, I still find it confusing that not all text areas in the different front page sections handle HTML consistently. E.g., About Us vs. Product. The text area in About Us (now after the fix) accepts HTML code, the text area in Product doesn’t. Wouldn’t it make sense to have all text areas accept HTML?

    in reply to: Problem with HTML on Front Page #91106

    I did sent you an email.

    in reply to: Problem with HTML on Front Page #91057


    I finally got a chance to install v1.0.2.

    Please check out For the purpose of troubleshooting I have switched the theme over to Pet Business 1.0.2, without any customization.

    On the front page, the only section I kept active is About Us. As you can see, it does not render HTML correctly, even though when I go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Front Page -> About Us under Description is says “HTML allowed”.

    in reply to: Problem with HTML on Front Page #90564


    I greatly appreciate the quick response!

    Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. I don’t have any problems with contents on regular pages, which I think is what your snapshots are showing.

    Here is how I reproduce the issue:
    Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize.
    Now select Front Page.
    Select About Us.
    I enable this section, then choose Content Type custom.
    Now under Description (which has a subtitle of HTML allowed), enter <p>test</p> or any other HTML.

    The page will not render the HTML correctly. Weirdly, some tags will be escaped and show literally (in the above example <p> will become <p>), others will simply be removed.

    Here’s a link to the site:

    Thanks for your help!

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